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Electromechanical studies

Electromechanical studies

The reliable electromechanic studies before the construction of any facility contributes significantly to the reduction of construction costs without quality decline, to the low energy consumption (specifications KENAK) to the reduced future maintenance cost and damage restoration.

ANADRASIS is specialized in electromechanic development studies:

  • for the issuance of building permits (studies of heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, strong and weak current, plumbing, lifting systems, fuel gas, passive and active fire protection).
  • for the provision of implementation plans during the construction for all the workshops that will work in the under-construction building in electro-mechanical works.
  • to take fire safety certificate.
  • for the license issue for stores, public gathering places, car oiling and washing places, hotel pools etc.and generally any business and industrial unit.
  • for licensing and installation of solar systems.

For all the above studies special designing and computational programs are used. Furthermore our corporation undertakes lighting designs by means of special software and the provision of three-dimensional projects (photorealism). During project implementation ANADRASIS provide supervision services of the construction.