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Financing investment projects

Financing investment projects

ANADRASIS has broaden experience, high train and know-how in business advisory support, evaluation and monito r on investment projects aiming at their functioning development and upgrade, competitiveness strengthening, rational operation and organizing, as well as the achievement of sustainable competitive advantage.

ANADRASIS operates in the sector of Financing/Funding and Management of Investment Projects. Covering a comprehensive net of services:

  • Investigate the optimum financing/funding program
  • Information and control of the basic company’s conditions for the inclusion in grant programs
  • Preliminary evaluation and assessment of the budget’s investment
  • Preparation, submission, monitoring and control of the investment projects in funding programs by the E.U. and Greece
  • Design of the investment project to meet the eligibity requirements for its inclusion in the funding programs and grants
  • Business plans for the entry to National and EU funding programs
  • Elaboration off easibility studies for business integration projects in development programs(Investment Law, NSRF 2007-2013 FTA, New NSRF 2014-2020,EPAnEK-kinissi(operational programme competitiveness,entreneurship&innovation), Rural development programme
  • Evaluation progress monitoring of the investment project
  • Preparation, co-ordination, control and inspection
  • Preparation & submission of requeststo supervisory authorities, concerning the smooth investmentcompletion, according to the submitted investment plan
  • Management-Administration of the project,aiming at the completion of the physical and financial subject on the basis of the approved, authorized features and restrictionsof the investment plan
  • Provisionof Integrated consulting services for the effective implementation of the investment project and the maximum permissible grant absorption
  • Surveillance of licensing procedures that may have a connection with the implementation of the investment project and the updating of investment project file
  • Provision of business consulting services by experts
  • Time scheduling/planning for the investment project