High specialization, extensive experience

Quality policy

The company aims at the complete innovated high level services that combine proven experience on technical licensing and investing issues, abilities on economic exchanges, professionalism and strong enterprising ethics. Through cutting-edge technological equipment and high performance software tools, our company provides:

  • Complete and vertically integrated services
  • Ensured high quality services towards its existing &potential clients

For this reason our company implements a Quality Management System, according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard , aiming to fulfill the requirements of the investment projects , with the quality and compliance of the obligation absolute commitment.

To ensure high quality, the company implements a coherent policy framework that is based on:

  • Define clear, measurable and realistic goals in the Business Planning process
  • Determination and disposal of all required resources and means to ensure a smooth performance & efficiency
  • Creation and maintenance of a technologically modern and professionally appropriate working environment
  • Preserving thehigh scientific levelof its employees
  • Monitoringimplementation of objectives and review where required