Investment programs

Subsidezed programs for the establishment and development of your enterprise

Investment law

The investment law aims to increase liquidity and investment procedures accelerationTheInvestment Lawprovides to investorsan effective institutionalframework andaccelerate itsinvestmentplans approvalprocedures. It is also designed to modernizeandimprove the institutionalframework forprivate investments.

Eligible businesses are:
Existing, new and under construction companies in the Greek territory

Funding rates:
From 15% to 55% depending on the activity and the location of the investment place

Investment subject projects
In the nowdays law aid scheme there are investment projects almost in all economy sectors, apart from certain specific exemptions

As eligible investing activities are indicatively referred:

1) Primary sector:

  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock

2) Secondary sector:

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy produce except for solar systems
  • Desalination of sea or brackish water

3) Tertiary sector (excluding the EU exceptions):

  • Three starson wards hotels,
  • Special tourisminfrastructure facilities,
  • Organizedreceptors of tourism activitiesand tourist accommodation,
  • Conversion of classifiedtraditional or preserved buildings to 2 star hotel units and above,
  • Tourist organized camping C class and above,
  • Health tourism units,
  • Telecommunication (broadband structures and services),
  • Transport,
  • Software development,
  • High technology investments

The investment projects have the following categories:

General investment projects

a. General Entrepreneurship:includes investment projects that are subject to the provisions of the present law and are not subject to any other category.

b. Technological Development: includes technological modernation investment projects, using technological and organizational innovations such as quality management and control systems, authentication, energy saving technology, research and development programs.

c. Regional Cohesion:includes investment projects in productive activities that make use of local competitive advantages,address local needs and regional problems by environmentally viable technological applications. They import and exploit energy saving and water resource technologies, contributing to the environmentally friendly reconstruction and development of regions with economic activity.

Special investment projects

a. Youth entrepreneurship:includesinvestment projectssubmitted forthe establishment andoperation of smalland very small enterprises,given that over 50% of the corporate capital is held by natural personsbelow 40 years old,who run the company.

b. Large Investment Plans: includes projects of at least fifty millions euros (€50.000.000). The estimation of this amount is done with the applicable exchange rates at the time of approval.

c. Integrated Multi-Annual Business Plan: include multiannual projects (2-5 years). The enterprises must have at least 5 years of operation , the cost should be at least 2.000.000 euros and include technological,administrative,organizational and business modernizationand development as wellas the necessaryemployee training activities.

d. Partnerships and Networking: includesinvestmentprojects submitted bysynergy andnetworkingconfigurations . The supported investing projects include joint actions such as shared facilities, production equipment, quality control, storage, distribution networks, exhibition and saleof goods , provision services, commonbrand ande-commercesystem, common certification andquality label , joint training of human resources etc

Types of aid:

a. Tax relief: tax relief comprising exemption frompayment of income tax on pre-tax profits whichresult, according to tax law, from any and all of the enterprise’s activities.

b. Subsidy: gratis payment by the State of a sum ofmoney to cover part of the subsidised expenditureof the investment.

c. Leasing subsidy: includes payment by the State ofa portion of the installments paid under a leasingagreement executed to acquire new machineryand/or other equipment.

All the above forms of aid can be provided individually or together.

Duration for proposals

Throughout the year, after evaluatiion, two times a year (from May and November).

The new investment law is expected

Soon is expected the vote of the new investment law, adjusted to the new regional aids map 2014-2020. According to theRegionalAid Mapfor the period 2014-2020, the aid provided foralltheGreekTerritorywithrateswillreach up to45%, depending on the sizeof the enterprise,but also thearea in whichitoperates.

With the new investment law will be supported a variety of business activities connected to the primary sector, manufacturing, tourism and rendering of services with rates up to 45% aiming at the stimulation of all kinds of businesses in the whole country.

One of thecharacteristics of the newsubsidy rates, andthereforethe newregional aid mapis thatwithin the same regionandin someprovincesof the country willhave differentsubsidyrates forthe first three years2014-2017anddifferentforthe second ofthe2017-2020. These rateswillonce againreassessedin 2016, when probablyariseagainchanges to thesubsidyrates.